Research on VNF offloading using P4 technology

Currently, as my PhD topic, I do a research on P4 language and related technologies (e.g. eBPF/XDP, VPP, OVS) in order to explore a way to implement a VNF offloading framework for OpenStack.

P4-capable software switch solutions

I’ve been worked on applying the principles of P4 to software switching solutions, e.g. OVS and eBPF/XDP. The outcome of this work is P4rt-OVS developed by my team at Orange Labs Poland to enable programming runtime extensions using P4. Upon this work, I’m building the P4-OvS switch, which brings the full power of P4 to Open vSwitch.

Contribution to ONAP

I have contributed to the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP). I am involved in the Change Management project. The objective is to provide lifecycle management APIs to support seamless software upgrade of Virtual Network Functions. For Casablanca release I implemented a northbound APIs for Application Controller (APP-C) to support distribute traffic mechanism. More info

Contribution to 5G!Pagoda EU-Japan project

I have contributed to the 5G!Pagoda EU-Japan project realized under H2020 programme. 5G!Pagoda is a research project related to network slicing technology for 5G networks. I was involved in designing a network slicing architecture and multi-domain orchestration. Moreover, I had been developing prototypes (PoCs) of designed solutions based on OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenBaton, Ansible and Juju. More info

XMPP as Southbound Interface for ONOS (SDN controller)

I have designed from scratch and developed the XMPP protocol as a southbound interface for Open Network Operating System (ONOS). More info

Implementation of multipath routing for Floodlight (SDN controller)

I have implemented a multiputh routing based on Depth-First Search algorithm for Floodlight - an open-source SDN Controller. More info