Presentations & talks


Tomasz Osiński, Halina Tarasiuk, Paul Chaignon, Mateusz Kossakowski: P4rt-OVS: Programming Protocol-Independent Runtime Extensions for Open vSwitch using P4, June 25, 2020, Online. [ Link ]

Speaker during Plenary Session How P4 is evolving as the language? with Andy Fingerhut and Eric Campbell at P4 Expert Roundtable Series hosted by Open Networking Foundation, April 28-29, 2020, Online. [ Video ]


Tomasz Osiński: P4-uBPF: Extending Open vSwitch packet processing pipeline at runtime using P4, Open vSwitch and OVN 2019 Fall Conference, December 10, 2019, Red Hat, Westford, MA, USA. [ Slides ] [ Video ]

Tomasz Osiński: Offloading data plane functions to the multi-tenant cloud infrastructure using P4, 2nd EuroP4 workshop, September 23, 2019, University of Cambridge, UK.

Łukasz Rajewski, Tomasz Osiński: ONAP Change Management Dublin Extensions, ONAP DDF + OPNFV Plugfest Jan ‘19, January 8-11 Nozay, France. [ Slides ]


Tomasz Osinski, Abdulhalim Dandoush: Evaluation of XMPP as a Southbound Interface for ONOS, 2nd ONOS Security & performance analysis brigade workshop, April 11, 2018, LIP6, Paris, France. [ Slides, Implementation details ]