The up-to-date list of my publications is available at Google Scholar.


Tomasz Osiński, Halina Tarasiuk, Paul Chaignon, Mateusz Kossakowski: P4rt-OVS: Programming Protocol-Independent Runtime Extensions for Open vSwitch using P4, 2020 IFIP Networking Conference (Networking) [ Paper ]


Tomasz Osiński, Mateusz Kossakowski, Halina Tarasiuk, Roland Picard: Offloading data plane functions to the multi-tenant cloud infrastructure using P4, 2nd EuroP4 workshop 2019.

Tomasz Osiński, Halina Tarasiuk, Łukasz Rajewski, Emil Kowalczyk: DPPx: A P4-based Data Plane Programmability and Exposure framework to enhance NFV services., NetSoft 2019


Tomasz Osinski, Abdulhalim Dandoush: XMPP as a scalable multi-tenants isolation solution for ONOS-based Software-Defined Cloud Networks, CNSM 2018

Slawomir Kuklinski, Lechoslaw Tomaszewski, Tomasz Osinski, Adlen Ksentini, Pantelis A. Frangoudis, Eleonora Cau, Marius Corici: A reference architecture for network slicing, NetSoft 2018